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Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising program. Google Adwords is a product that you can use to promote your business, help sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase traffic to your website.

Advantages of google adwords

Reach people searching for what you offer.
Control your budget.
Measurable, accountable & flexible.
Cost effective.
Maximum relevance.
Highly targeted.

Google adwords layers

Adwords is organised into three layers.

Ad groups

Google adwords – Campaign

Your ad campaign has its own budget and settings that determine where your ads appear.
We can create a project based on the client requirements for the project.

There are five types of campaigns. They are:

Search network with display select.
Search network only.
Display network only.
Online video

Google adwords – Adgroup

An adgroup contains a set of identical ads and the words and phrases, termed as keywords.
An adgroup includes one or more ads which target a mutual set of keywords.
Each of the campaigns are made up of one or more adgroups.
Use adgroups to organize your ads by a participated theme.

Google adwords bidding types

Mainly three kinds of bidding types. Namely

CPM (Cost per mile / thousand impressions)
CPC (Cost per click)
CPA (Cost per acquisition)

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