How to buy domain name & hosting


Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the search engine to visit your website.

Following steps to be followed to buy domain name & setting up web hosting.

1. Go to
2. Create a GoDaddy account.
3. Verify your account on email.
4. Sign in to your newly created account.
5. Search in the Find your perfect domain box for a domain name you want to purchase.
6. A domain name must be catchy and should relate to your business concepts.
7. Make sure the name you searched, is unique i.e. easy to pronounce, type and remember. Also, must be available to purchase. Major search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo gives more importance to websites with their unique domain name.
8. If it’s available, then choose your domain name extension. A .com extension is the most preferred domain name extension that people remember and business owners opt for.
9. If available, click on Add to Cart.
10. Press continue to cart.
11. While registering a domain name, you also get the option of how long you can use your domain name i.e. registration period.
12. Image given below shows the options for web hosting. Choose as per your requirement.
13. Avoid choosing unnecessary add ons.
14. After choosing the correct web hosting option, you’ll be able to checkout and do the payment without any hassle.


1. Go to
2. Login into your GoDaddy account which you created.
3. Click on set up under the web hosting option.
4. Enter your domain name. Click on update.
5. Choose a data centre screen. Click on Asia (Recommended)
6. Create a WordPress website screen. Click on Not now, thanks.
7. Office 365 professional email screen. Click on skip.
8. Provisioning your account screen.
9. Updating your domain screen.
10. Onboarding completed successfully.
11. Click on Go to Dashboard option.
12. Customer Experience Improvement Program screen. Select No, I don’t want to participate in the program.
13. Press confirm.
14. Click on cPanel Admin option.
15. cPanel Admin Dashboard will open.
16. Click on Installatron Applications Installer under the Software category.
17. Installatron screen will appear. Type WordPress in the search box. Press enter.
18. WordPress application will appear on the left hand side. Click on install.
19. New page will appear. Scroll down. Now enter your administrator username, password and your email address. Note: Use the credentials which you can remember, Also, note down the same.
20. Now click on install given at the end of the page in the right hand side corner.
21. Processing…
22. Installation done.
23. Now open a notepad. Type
24. Copy the link.
25. Open a new page on google chrome. Paste & Go the link copied.
26. WordPress login screen. Enter the credentials which you created in the administrator username and password.
27. Login into your WordPress account.
28. New page will appear states ‘Choose a starter template for your new website.’ Do not click on any template.
29. Instead, click on Exit to WordPress Dashboard option given in the upper right hand side corner.
30. It will say ‘Are you sure? Once you leave, you can’t come back. Press ‘Yes, I’m sure’.
31. Just a few questions before you go page will appear. Select ‘I’m not ready to pick a design right now.
32. Also, select ‘I’m building this site for myself or my organisation’ (In our case)
33. Press submit and exit.
34. Now, the WordPress dashboard screen will appear. Hover over My blog option given in the upper left hand side corner. Right click on ‘visit site’ option and open it in a new tab.
35. You can now see your website on the page opened.

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