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Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling or concealing of a person’s or group’s reputation. Originally a PR term, the expansion of the web and social media, along side reputation management companies, have made search results a core a part of a person’s or group’s reputation.

Online reputation management focuses on the management of product and repair search results within the digital space, that’s why it’s common to ascertain an equivalent suggested links within the first page of a Google search.

Within the last decade of active social media use, marketing a corporation and promoting their products online became large components of companies and their strategies. In terms of reputation management, companies must now be more conscious of how they’re perceived by their audiences both inside and out of doors of their target market. a drag which frequently arises from this is often false advertising. within the past monetizing internet posts and blogs would are a far off concept to most corporations and their consumers. However, thanks to the competitive market, it’s much more difficult to urge noticed and become popular within the realm of online business or among influencers due to how the algorithms work on social media. The more funds a corporation has, the more marketing they will produce and therefore the extra money are often put into restoring or furthering their reputations.

How to maintain your reputation?

Be proactive instead of reactive.
Monitor online conversations about your business.
Respond and interact with consumers, online.
Create and distribute positive content regularly.

Actively seek reviews from customers

Boost conversations.
Provide feedback about your product or service.
Consumers trust and expect online reviews.

How to get customer reviews?

Offer an incentive in exchange for reviews like coupons, discounts, free samples etc.
Ask customers to review products by placing a call to action on your product pages.
Send customers to your business listings like on google places, yelp, citysearch and others.
Link your business listings to your website.

How to create positive, branded content?

Fill the first page of the search engines with niche, positive and branded content.
Well ranked website.
On-going search engine optimization (SEO).
Articles, videos, press releases, photos etc.
Tips, tools, helpful tutorials and other useful content.

How to monitor online conversations?

Do a google search for your business name and see what comes up.
Check articles, blogs, forums, and customer review sites.
Check your own blog / website for comments, frequently.
Pay close attention to social networking sites.
Listen to what people are saying.
Respond to both positive and negative comments.
Be respectful and display a helpful, friendly demeanour.
Always quickly offer a solution any problems.

Why respond and interact?

Build relationships.
It allows you to manage and control your brand, actively.
Shows that you care.
Allow your customers to see your point of view.

How to improve your reputation?

Make brand optimization your main focus.
Use SEO to drive down the negativity.
Create and submit press releases, articles and videos.
Create and submit fresh content on regular basis.
Engage and build a loyal following on social media.
Asks for negative reviews to be removed.
Do not ignore your unhappy customers.
Promptly address issues.
Know when to walk away.
Do not argue with customers.
You can not please everyone.

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